Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend with W!

So W came to visit this weekend in NYC and let me tell you we did it all. Take this as the ultimate weekend in NYC guide if you are planning a visit soon!

W arrived around 11am and we get off to Timesquare.
We took the usual pics of the square and all the pretty lights.
We visited the Disney store, M&M store, and Hershey Store.
Lunch was at Carnegie deli where we split everything and still couldn't finish it!
At 3p, we stood in line at TKTS and got tickets for Memphis!
W and I then went down to the 9/11 Museum and shopped.
We took our packages back to my apt and then off to the show.
Memphis was absolutely amazing!
Abe and Arthur in Meatpacking for a drink then home!

Up and out early!
Student rushed American Idiot!!!
Then shopping at Bloomingdales, Fifth Ave, Lexington!
We had a frozen hot chocolate at Dylans Candy Bar so yummy!
Then off to see American Idiot which I am calling the Rent of the Warp Tour generation!
That night we met up with my roomie and went to the Empire Hotel Rooftop Bar and ended up getting free bottle service. These NYC boys have no idea what hit them when the southern girls came to town.

Slept in a bit later and went to get educational discounts for Chicago.
Chicago was ok, but I have to say I loved the movie and the glitz of it.
After Chicago we tried to student rush another show but had no luck...
Instead we went to Ellen's Stardust Dinner and listened to the singing!
We decided to leave Timesquare when we heard $20 dollars Mamma Mia!
We checked out the tickets and a nice man with his two daughters came up and assured us they were real. They were tickets from a school trip that had cancellation so we got them and had amazing seats at Mamma Mia for $20! It was so amazing and was my second time seeing the show!
After we walked to the Rock and saw the ice skaters and went home!

It was such an amazing weekend and I had so much fun!!

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  1. Gee you didn't make it to the American Girl Store.