Friday, April 25, 2014

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

#NYFW for Those Not in Fashion

So it is New York Fashion Week- but you already knew this. Why? Because this is the time of year where every blogger becomes a fashion blogger. Also most of my NYC friends are attending their first fashion weeks leading to my Facebook also being taken over.

Now seeing as how I work in the film industry and the Toronto International Film Festival is going on, fashion week is sadly not my number one priority. Instead things like the END OF WATCH premiere are far more up my alley!

But none the less I love fashion. So here is my guide to New York Fashion Week for those of us who do not live within the glamorous world of the fashion industry.

A Film Girls Guide to Fashion Week

  1. Choose a few select people to follow on Twitter. For me key people are @OscarPRGirl, @GrungyGentleman and Emily Schuman from Cupcakes and Cashmere. I like these people because Oscar PR Girl is pretty much in the know on everything, and Emily Schuman has amazing (and similar) taste to mine. Grungy Gentleman follows menswear, which should not be over looked.
  2. Try to see one live show streamed (or pretend to at least). WWD gives you the scoop on the whole line that you can quickly browse through when you have a few minutes to kill. See the Oscar De La Renta line here.
  3. A huge part of New York Fashion Week is the street style worn to the shows. I like to follow Refinery 29 for this. One I already follow them for their amazing Los Angeles section, but this makes it really easy to see what the fashionably savvy are wearing.
  4. If you can take one thing remember: OX BLOOD

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Indie Folk aka My Music

The Avett Bros at Jimmy Kimmel Live
I would say I listen to a bit of everything, but my main go to for music is indie folk. It can be mellow, it can be rocking, but for some reason it always reminds me of home for a bit.

Last night I was fortunate enough to see one of my favorite bands, The Avett Brothers, for free courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live and thought I would share some of my favorite Indie Folk bands and songs.

First off is Mumford and Sons, who is by far the most commercial. I am sure 99% of you have heard of them.
Then there is my love The Avett Brothers, whose new album The Carpenter come out today!! My favorite song from them is Head Full of Doubt/Road full of Promise. I mean it is so good the lyrics are printed and on my desk. They are up and coming, recently being featured in the new Gap commercial. "Live and Die" is on their new CD.

Some other greats I love are The Civil Wars, The Decemberists, Alabama Shakes, and Edwarde Sharp and the Magnetics.

If you are interested in hearing more indie folk I highly suggest the following Spotify playlist.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The one with a triathlon in a month

Ok so silly me signed up for a triathlon and woops time flies and it is now less than a month away.
On October 7th I will be competing in my first sprint triathlon and my training is well shall we say, not quite up to speed.
Running wise we are fine. I have been training for my next half marathon and I am pretty much doing alright with that. Now here comes the hard stuff the swim and bike.
I started off really strong with my swim training but do to LA Fitness ripping up the pool I had a bit of a stall, and bike wise HA.

This weekend I started to get myself back on course but I am writing out my training schedule here so I can be held accountable. Let see how this goes.

9/8- 10 miles on the bike
9/9- Run
9/10- Swim (aiming for 500m free and some speed work)
9/11- Run 30 min
9/12- Swim (aiming for 500m free and some speed work)
9/13- Spin class, followed by a one mile run (I want to see how it will feel going from bike to run)
9/14- AM short run
9/15- LSR 7miles
9/16-DISNEY DAY!!!
9/17- Swim
9/18- Run 30 min
9/19- YOGA!!
9/20- Spin Class, followed by a one mile run
9/21- OFF
9/22- LSR 9 miles
9/23- Bike for 1 hour in Griffith park
9/24- Swim (practice in tri suit)
9/25- Run 30 min
9/26- Swim (practice in tri suit)
9/27- Cycling class
9/28- OFF
9/29- LSR 10 miles
9/30- Swim 500 then bike for 30 min
10/2- Run 20 min
10/3- Free night!
10/4- Spin class
10/5- Drive to Palm Springs
10/6- Expo
10/7- Race

Hopefully this will have me up to speed and ready to race! Wish me luck!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Day With the Organizer

Hello all-- yes I am back (or at least I think I am)

Keep your eye out for a new design too, as I am rebranding this blog (more to come on that)...

But for now today I had four hours with an organizer at my home via a Living Social deal and I could not be more please with the outcome.

After a 30min per-consultation with Ashley my organizer we decided to devote our time to my biggest organizational trouble spot.

And all the women of the world sing together... the closet. I have the classic problem- too many clothes, not enough space. Only my problem is I have too many clothes, shoes, purses... the whole nine yards.

Well tackle we did and for four hours we worked hard sorting and purging my closet. We got rid of the last of my college clothes in favor for my new work/adult wardrobe.
First up we moved the jeans off the hangers and to the top of my closet.

We sorted them by trouser jeans, skinny jeans, colored jeans, and pants.

Tops were sorted by sleeve length.

On the other side of my closet we sorted by blazers, cardigans, then dresses, with my winter clothes in the back corner. On the top are my favorite go to shoes, including my running shoes!

Shoes were my main obstacle. We moved 24 of them behind my door and the rest to the bottom on a three tiered shoe rack with boots in the corner.


We moved all my purses to my camp trunk and on top of that are more winter boots and some Halloween/ running costumes (yay run disney!) We did leave out a weekend bag and my Tory Burch smaller clutch that I alternate between most often currently.

I feel so good have a totally cleaned out closet, it makes me want to tackle more problem areas!

I will definitely be going back to Ashley when I move in January!

Monday, April 2, 2012

April Goals

I am focusing on my goals for the month of April...
  1. Lose 3 pounds!
  2. Read 1 book
  3. Write 10 blog posts
  4. 3 microdermabrasion sessions
  5. 4 Teeth Whitening sessions
  6. See 4 new movies
  7. Take 1 new exercise class
  8. Finish the Hollywood Half Marathon on my feet...
See you in May to reflect and make new goals!
What are your goals for April?