Sunday, September 9, 2012

The one with a triathlon in a month

Ok so silly me signed up for a triathlon and woops time flies and it is now less than a month away.
On October 7th I will be competing in my first sprint triathlon and my training is well shall we say, not quite up to speed.
Running wise we are fine. I have been training for my next half marathon and I am pretty much doing alright with that. Now here comes the hard stuff the swim and bike.
I started off really strong with my swim training but do to LA Fitness ripping up the pool I had a bit of a stall, and bike wise HA.

This weekend I started to get myself back on course but I am writing out my training schedule here so I can be held accountable. Let see how this goes.

9/8- 10 miles on the bike
9/9- Run
9/10- Swim (aiming for 500m free and some speed work)
9/11- Run 30 min
9/12- Swim (aiming for 500m free and some speed work)
9/13- Spin class, followed by a one mile run (I want to see how it will feel going from bike to run)
9/14- AM short run
9/15- LSR 7miles
9/16-DISNEY DAY!!!
9/17- Swim
9/18- Run 30 min
9/19- YOGA!!
9/20- Spin Class, followed by a one mile run
9/21- OFF
9/22- LSR 9 miles
9/23- Bike for 1 hour in Griffith park
9/24- Swim (practice in tri suit)
9/25- Run 30 min
9/26- Swim (practice in tri suit)
9/27- Cycling class
9/28- OFF
9/29- LSR 10 miles
9/30- Swim 500 then bike for 30 min
10/2- Run 20 min
10/3- Free night!
10/4- Spin class
10/5- Drive to Palm Springs
10/6- Expo
10/7- Race

Hopefully this will have me up to speed and ready to race! Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck!! I would be the opposite of you....I can swim forever (due to 17 years of ultra competitive swimming) but the running would take some serious WORK! You can do it :)

    xx Emily @

  2. good luck to you!!! i envy your ambition!

    meg @