Wednesday, September 12, 2012

#NYFW for Those Not in Fashion

So it is New York Fashion Week- but you already knew this. Why? Because this is the time of year where every blogger becomes a fashion blogger. Also most of my NYC friends are attending their first fashion weeks leading to my Facebook also being taken over.

Now seeing as how I work in the film industry and the Toronto International Film Festival is going on, fashion week is sadly not my number one priority. Instead things like the END OF WATCH premiere are far more up my alley!

But none the less I love fashion. So here is my guide to New York Fashion Week for those of us who do not live within the glamorous world of the fashion industry.

A Film Girls Guide to Fashion Week

  1. Choose a few select people to follow on Twitter. For me key people are @OscarPRGirl, @GrungyGentleman and Emily Schuman from Cupcakes and Cashmere. I like these people because Oscar PR Girl is pretty much in the know on everything, and Emily Schuman has amazing (and similar) taste to mine. Grungy Gentleman follows menswear, which should not be over looked.
  2. Try to see one live show streamed (or pretend to at least). WWD gives you the scoop on the whole line that you can quickly browse through when you have a few minutes to kill. See the Oscar De La Renta line here.
  3. A huge part of New York Fashion Week is the street style worn to the shows. I like to follow Refinery 29 for this. One I already follow them for their amazing Los Angeles section, but this makes it really easy to see what the fashionably savvy are wearing.
  4. If you can take one thing remember: OX BLOOD

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