Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This Beach Girl is Freezing

Wow... I am sure you all know that New York had snow last night but whoa! And apparently it wasn't even that bad. Yiekes! Here is a picture of the snow outside of my office on Bleecker Street.
Talk about craziness. So glad I have two classmates that work with my at Focus to walk with in the mornings. Today will be really long. I have work from 10am-6pm then class from 7-10:30pm. Hopefully, it wont go the entire time tonight.
I am trying to put together all the plans for this weekend when W comes into town but I am just as lost as any tourist here when it comes to choosing restaurants and places for night life.
But... we shall prevail both the cold and the fact that I am still just a tourist here really with a job haha. Until tomorrow (where I have big news!)

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