Thursday, October 21, 2010

Why Yes I am a Film Major...

Here are some good ole' movie reviews from a senior film major to you...

The Social Network

If you have not seen this yet than what are you waiting for. It really is good. I think it is really interesting because I was in the start up of Facebook when you had to have an .edu email and I got invited from a friend at SMU. It can span all generations and different age groups view it differently. It was really interesting, well written, well made, and very enjoyable.

Life As we Know It

Well this movie is good and very enjoyable, but left me feeling a bit blah and unsure of what emotion I should feel upon leaving. It will make you cry and it will make you laugh, but most of all it is the best chick flick available right now so check it out! Plus it has man candy and Katherine Heigl.


OMG I loved it. Well please note I love action movies but this one was great. Pure entertainment. I am a firm believer that not every movie has to change your life or create some elaborate work of art, some exist simply to give you enjoyment, and this is one of those films. Old men kicking butt all with an entangled love story and scandal... oh yeah!


  1. I was on Facebook way back when you had to be invited and have a .edu email account also. My beau sent me an invite, and guess what ... he was at SMU too! I guess lots of students at SMU were using it already! Personally I wish it would go back to .edu accounts only!

  2. I loved The Social Network and want to see Red! Happy Halloween! xx