Monday, October 25, 2010

Is Juicy juicy again?

I swore off Juicy Couture upon entering college, but moving to New York has me looking for the first time in my life at the "Cold Weather Shop" at Nordstroms and Neiman Marcus. Well I stumbled upon Juicy again and have to say maybe the line has grown up a little bit, just like me. While still retaining the fun colors and sparkles, just like me. I have to say some Juicy will be on my Christmas list again this year.

These boots are too cute and will be perfect for the super cold weather I am about to encounter.

Sarabeth Boot

How precious is this total sequined bag... now this will probably not make the cute to be purchased but still thought it was worth sharing.

Daydreamer Sequin

Ahhh I am obsessed with this ring it is so amazingly adorable.

Juicy also has a huge assortment of gloves, scarfs, and hats that I will be sure to dive into as well.
What do you think, has Juicy made a comeback?


  1. Juicy is actually one of my favorite designers! I completely agree though that I wore it a lot more during highschool/college...all the fun colorful velor suits and velor purses! However, I still wear it because they have a great line of "high fashion" looks...such as the boots, jeans, coats, them!! They're definitely trying to appeal to other crowds! I'm sure youll look fab in Juicy :)

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  2. I'm a little anti Juicy Couture since my early undergraduate years. They have stepped it up a little in the costume jewelry department though. However, I have always loved their scarves and gloves!

  3. I've always selectively loved Juicy. I still study in my poor, abused Juicy hoodies all the time. I have a few dresses and tops that people never guess are Juicy because they're not velour or overly cutesy and don't scream Juicy. I've never been a fan of some of their things, but I've always adored the more mature ones. I definitely have a wish list going of their newer things.