Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hello Again... It is time for Homecoming!

Wow sorry long time no post but I was struck with a horrible stomach virus but have to say I am feeling back to my old healthy self again...

So it is officially Baylor Homecoming week!!

What does that mean?

Pigskin: The tradition of the top 8 acts from Sing getting to perform for the students, alumni, and parents one more time. This is a huge honor and I am so excited to end my time here at Baylor with it! Here is EmStone and I in our costumes with full hair and make up. Did I mention this is the largest off Broadway production in the country? Yep Sic'Em Bears!

Bonfire: We light a huge bonfire on Friday night and have a pep rally. The parents and grandparents are coming in, as always, for this years homecoming and I am so excited.

Float: Baylor has the largest Homecoming parade in the nation and all the sororities and frats join together to make amazing floats, as well as other organizations on campus. Keep your fingers crossed 'cause this is a competition as well.
This is last years Theta and SAE float. "A-NILE-ate the Cowboys"

Here is a pic of my roomies float that won the Judges Award last year. ZTA and ATO with "Boo OSU."

The Game: This year we are playing Kansas... we are currently 5-2. Tailgating for this game at the Alumni Association probably with W and her parents. Could this game be the Baylor BowlComing? Ahh so exciting, we will have to wait and see!

And finally I get to see all my friends that graduated!


  1. You look adorable! Sounds like such a fun weekend. Have a ball!

  2. Cute pictures, Homecoming is always a fun time!