Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Design on A Dime: Entry Way

I am starting a new series for the blog... Design on a Dime!
Basically after graduating from college and moving to LA literally the only furniture I had was my camp trunk, an air mattress, and some plastic sliding drawers. As any good prep will tell you having a fabulous and comfortable home is very important to me! Enter design on a dime.

My parents bought the necessities of our sectional and my very comfy bed, but the rest was up to us! I will also note where I want to grow from here in each entry!

So first up is our entry way!

We are particularly proud of this area. It was one of the first designed spaces we made and one we did completely on our own dime!

We found this record table at the Melrose Trading Post, a haven for the shabby chic! It was only $40 and all it needed was a good wipe down. We found the mirror at Melrose as well, I think it was $10.
This area is right by our kitchen as we use the record section to hold our cookbooks! A few of our favorites are

We styled the top of the entry way with a tray that I had bought from Target many moons ago. We love candles in this apartment so we always have one lit to provide a wonderful smelling entrance to our guests!

We try to always have fresh flowers for the entry way as well. This weeks flowers are from my birthday. They are called True Blue Orchids and aren't they beautiful! We also keep a few cute knick knacks around like this framed cross (and for me and my household) and our next candle we are ready to burn!

Next for the entry way I would really like to add a entry rug to soften up the hard wood floors. Another fun idea would be a topiary or potted plant to bring even more green into our lives!

What do you think? Any cute ideas for sprucing the area up??

Next up on Design on a Dime... the sitting nook and books!

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