Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday was my Spring Cleaning day, and let me tell you about the disaster that was.
The day started with my traditional Sunday long slow run, this week it was 8 glorious miles through Larchmont and Melrose in LA.
After a trip to Costco it was time to begin the cleaning ritual that my internship with Martha Stewart inspired me to make a yearly (actually twice yearly habit.)

The Before
I started with the desk, not so bad and moved to the vanity. Again not to bad.
Then I hit the shoes and clothes. AHHHH....
This was where the nightmare started. Things were pulled out, strung out, re organized, and left on the floor out of exhaustion.

And now here I am after a full days work cleaning, my room still looks like a ten year old boy lives here. A ten year old boy with very good taste, but still a complete mess.

So what to do, where to move from here...
 What all preppy A-types would... make a list!

Mon: Spend 15min decluttering under the bed!
Tue: Give away 20 things from my overflowing closet!
Thur: Spend ONLY 15 min trying to organize my closet better! (Thank goodness I got shoes out of the way today)
Fri: Bask in the glory of my decluttered and totally clean room! Pics to come!

How did you spring clean?

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