Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Runner's Chicken "Fried" Quinoa

It may not look pretty but it sure tastes good. From the mind of Mal I bring you Runner's Chicken Fried Quinoa, a take on chicken fried rice.
Now to preface this I cook only for myself and pretty much only shop at Trader Joe's so no specialty ingredients needed for this bad boy.

  • I started off by sautéing some diced onions in a skillet with just some olive oil spray on the base and a pinch of garlic salt. Once those were finished I removed them. Use as much or as little onion as you like.
  • I cooked up two frozen chicken tenderloins (a TJ's must buy) with some salt and pepper for flavor. When they were almost finished I removed them and sliced them into bite size pieces and threw them back into the skillet with 1 tbsp of light butter. Look at me just like the Japanese steakhouse in Waco.
  • I scrambled one large cage free egg (you can add more if you are an egg person, I am not) then when it was finished mixed it in with the chicken. This got pushed into one side of the skillet and moved off direct heat.
  • Next I added veggies. Basically anything I had which was the frozen harvest mix from TJ and a bit of chopped celery. I heated that up a bit with some garlic salt and added my onion. Then gave the whole thing (chicken, egg, and veggies) a big mixing in the skillet.
  • Finally I added one cup of cooked quinoa. I am a quinoa freak and make a big batch of it each week so it was already to go. If you do not know quinoa is what is considered an ancient grain and has the most protein of any grain, it also gets absorbed into the blood stream the slowest of all grains. AKA it is good for ya. Mixed it in and heated it.
  • Finally I added 1/4 cup light reduced sodium soy sauce and stirred it through. Then enjoy. This bad boy is packed with protein, good carbs, and some much needed veggies for the perfect energy meal.
This recipe for me, made two servings (aka one for lunch today, one for lunch tomorrow) 

Today is a rest day for my running and good thing 'cause it is pouring out. Tomorrow I am back out for a maintenance run and a big 5.5 miler on Saturday. Wish me luck!!

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