Tuesday, September 27, 2011

You Can Run. You Can Run. You Can Run.

It is official! I am running in the inaugural Tinkerbell Half Marathon at Disneyland.

This is my first half marathon and the longest distance I will have run to date. I am using the Jeff Galloway program designed specifically for this race and have already logged several runs in.
This all started from a new running obsession I have had lately mix with a lifelong Disney obsession.

I will be dedicating part of this blog to my training by giving you "The Run Down" every Friday documenting my runs for the week, and anything cool that happened to me running. There is a lot of interesting things you find when you run the streets of L.A. let me tell you!

I am also going to be adding a bit more of my healthy lifestyle plan I have been on. This is not a diet but more of trying to actually learning how to eat healthy and not just doing the typical Mallory move of cutting all carbs for 3 months. I am a good carb cutter, but it is not sustainable weight loss and it is not realistic.

So here it is: Project Healthy Me. One part good eating, one part half marathon training. With a splash of Pixie Dust I thing we will have a winner!

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