Monday, September 19, 2011

My Missoni Scores

So I do not know if you heard but in Los Angeles cops had to be called in to handel the chaos/ riot that was the Target Missoni collection. My original plan was to hit up the store after work, but I realized, in this town, everything was already gone.

Plan B: Send in mom. I immediatley g-chatted my mom and told her the scenario and sent her on the mission to acquire my coveted Missoni buys. She lives in El Paso, TX. No one can even spell Missoni there, who would buy it, I knew I had a little treasure trove to myself waiting for my mother to sweep in and resuce the beloved collection. Or so I thought. Even in my small border town the collection was practically sold out in a day. WHAT??

Mom did manage to snag me a scarf (tres cute) and these loverly pumps.Thank God I have big feet (size 9) or yet again I would have been out of luck.

Dearest Target, we love you, we really do. But seriously we like you available and ready for the taking, with options. So next time please don't play so hard to get when you are looking so good. It just isn't nice.
Love Always- Mal

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  1. Well you could have had socks too. The women at Target said they were lined up when the store opened like on Black Friday. When we went back they had put Merona in place of the Missoni your dad thought it was all the same. It had a M on it. Glad you got the shoes