Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Last Two Weeks in NYC

Wow! Time has really flown by here.
My time in New York is almost up and I graduate in two weeks!

Mommy comes in tonight and of course we have a few last things to finish up hehe

  1. See a few more shows including Sister Act, Jerusalem, Book of Mormon, and Anything Goes!
  2. Visit the Museum of Natural History and The Met (again) to go to the rooftop bar and see the Alexander McQueen and dress design exhibit!
  3. Check in with Regis and Kelly on Live! So excited we got tickets for Monday morning!
  4. Do so fancy smancy NYC Royal Wedding Stuff
  5. SNIFFAPALOOZA- an amazing perfume convention that I will be blogging about
I will post my bucket list again before I leave and let you know what all I have done!

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