Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding in NYC

Well my friends, mom, and I were invited to TLC's Royal Wedding Party Live from Times Square!

It was shown on all the satellite enabled jumbo-trons!

We all sat on the famed Broadway Steps to watch it!

Here we are with the carriage and guards making us feel oh so British!

I wore a tiara and please forgive the makeup, we left at 4am.

The day before Mommy and I headed to the very British part of Greenwich Village to Tea and Sympathy. We enjoyed great tea as well as a slice of Prince Williams grooms cake, chocolate crunch cake, which was delicious.

Even the cabs were all decked out to congratulate the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

Such a magical day, in such a magical place.

Hoping you had an amazing time on this truly global event!

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  1. How fun! What a great experience and way the remember this. I wound up waking up early and watching it in my house, but it was still such an amazing experience