Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Love New York

Well everybody,
I hate to quote the stereotypical New York gift but...New York is one big constant adventure. There is always something going on, someplace to eat, some show to see, or some deal to take advantage of.
This weekend I am going to the Museum of Modern Art (aka MoMA) for an Andy Warhol Cocktail Party and spending the rest of my weekend exploring more of the city including Central Park. I have found I am never bored in NYC, which as you all know I was bored out of my mind in Waco. Time is truly flying by here. I cannot believe today marks the end of week two of my internships. I am looking forward to my parents coming, followed by my grandparents. My 22nd birthday will be a big one and I am so excited to celebrate it all with my family! I honestly thank God for the blessing of being able to have this opportunity every night. I am truly blessed and lucky! Can't wait to share more adventures with you!

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  1. i LOVE nyc! my boyfriend and I are going down to his house in Jersey for the weekend and I'm gonna pout and cry and have a temper tantrum so he will take me into the city on Saturday! haha :)

    xoxox congrats on completing your internships!!