Thursday, October 7, 2010

NYC: Places I Have to Shop!

Hey this is me we are talking about! I love shopping and I am going to New York City! There are some landmarks that must be hit!

First and Foremost the 4 B's
Bloomingdales, Barneys, Bergdorfs, and Bendels

Next Up:
Lilly Pulitzer on Madison Avenue

I need to buy my graduation dress from somewhere!


I think I can find a perfect New York souvenir in here.

The Disney Store on Fifth Avenue

I am just a Disney girl at heart!

Of course there are many more including FAO Schwartz, The M&M shop, all over SoHo, The American Girl Place, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Please note I left out H&M because I plan to frequent this more then anywhere else!!!


  1. Those are all my favorites! I also say no trip to NYC is complete without a trip to Bloomingdales! I always visit 40 Carrots in Bloomies for their famous frozen yogurt! more details on my blog (Re-Lilly)

  2. You will buy me some pj at Bloomies I know.

  3. I love the American Girl Place and only wish it was around when I was little.