Thursday, June 24, 2010

Spa Weekend!

This weekend is officially spa weekend and I earned it.
I got an A on my midterm!!!
I am going first to the Spa at the Hyatt Hotel.
As most of my readers know I am a frequenter of the Hyatt and I happen to think it is very pretty, dont you?
On Thursday I will be getting a cleansing facial, and it is much needed seeing as how the water here is making my face think I am a sophomore in high school again.

Saturday and Sunday we change up the location with a trip to The Spa at Cacheuta. This is a natural thermal spa. We will spend the night here. I will recieve a massage , manicure, and pedicure here... and mybe more who knows hehe. I will also be sure to make use of the mud tubs and volcanic thermal springs. A nice treat to round up my trip!

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