Friday, June 25, 2010

My thoughts on Study Abroad

Studying abroad is an interesting experience in students lives. One, I personally was only used to taking vacations that max out at 2 weeks. For those two weeks you are in complete utter bliss, taking in as much as you can, and loving every second. Study abroad is not a vacation. As a student, you are not witnessing culture, you become part of the culture. You are in fact living in another part of the world that has different customs and traditions that are both fascinating and completly weird.
It is important to remember that living in another country involves life... your life. Just like anywhere you have your high days, the days where you see something amazing or are fascinated with the beauty of an amazing place. You also have low days, where communicating is hard and you miss the ease of home. Both are completly normal because this is life.
As I look back over the last month I have lived in Mendoza, Argentina I have come to realize these facts. People are people no matter where in the world you are. Every day is another day, just beacause you get lost on a bus, or get locked out, or have an amazing zipline experience doesnt change the fact that you have learned vast amounts about not only what you are studying but about yourself.

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