Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mendoza: Good, Bad, and Ugly

Well as the end of my trip comes closer I have began to reflect back on all that I have expereinced and done here... Most of my friends have started blogs about Argentina and this was one of my favorite post a friend did so here is my shot at the Good, Bad, and Ugly of Mendoza!

The Good:
Argentina is such a beautiful place. The mountains, rivers, trees, and stars all remind you of Gods amazing works!
My spanish has improved ten-folds since my arrival. It was so hard the first few days and now I find myself, without a struggle, to say everything I need too!
I have made amazing friends on this trip who I will keep in contact with after!
To say the wine here is good would be an understatement...
Argentina has won every game since I have been here... Guess I am lucky!

The Bad:
There is grafitti everywhere... even on historic statues, it is sad.
I know I have gained weight since being here and am going to try really hard this last week and a half to eat super healthy to lose a little of it... bye bye alfajores
The fashion here is just bad haha
Class is 4 hours of nothing but spanish every day and it has gone past being tedious.

The Ugly:
I got locked out of my house last Friday and the alarm went off and I had to talk to the police...
This results in a terrified Mallory and a pissed off Mommy in the U.S. and my madre (Argentina mom) didnt think it was a big deal...

Oh well you live... you learn... your thankful you live in the USA!

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  1. I hope things turn around and the good is outweighing the bad :)