Tuesday, June 22, 2010

San Rafael Weekend!

This weekend was a long weekend because it was Argentina's Dia Del Bandera or Flag Day!
For the weekend a large group of Baylor students went to San Rafael. We left early on Saturday morning and visited Bodega Suter, a old bodega that produces wine the old fashioned way, and Bodega Bianchi, a very modern large winery. The picture to the right is from Bodega Suter and is a 100 year old French barrel that they use to make their Malbec.

The next day we went on a zipline (tirolesa in espanol) adventure course... It consisted of 7 ziplines and we crossed a beautiful 200 foot high cavern over a lake. It was so exciting and an amazing rush! Of course that is me in the pink coat cloating above the lake. That evening we made and asado and cooked it all on our own! Using an asado is not like a normal grill it is pretty difficult to use and needless to say we were very excited to figure it out. We finished the evening by going to a bolliche (a dancing night club) and got home at 5am! It was such a fun weekend and was extremly refreshing!

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  1. Ok I just figured out Summer School in Argentina is like an Extreme Sports Camp with a little Spanish thrown in for good measure. Your knowledge of sports and wine Spanish has greatly increased. Of course you did know how to say Malbec before you went. Glad you are getting 6 hrs credit. I think this picture is our Christmas Card this year.