Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 Resolutions

Welcome 2010 and welcome to my New Years Resolutions Post! I was very determined to go into 2010 with everything right and well, I did. I weigh my high school weight, everything is organized, I have a job, and a David Yurman... life seems to be going in the right direction this decade. So here is how I can improve even more:
  1. Stay Organized- I did the leg work now I need to keep it up. Staying organized means a clear head, and a clean room,. Everything looks better clean.
  2. Keep healthy- I really want to lose 5-10 more pounds and exercise more to keep it up. I got so many compliments this break and they we so encouraging.
  3. Live Glamorously- This is probably my most favorite. I want to sleep in fashionable sleepware with an eye mask, light candles, take bubble baths, and have fresh flowers to add touches of femininity to my everyday life.
  4. Financial Management- Time to be an adult and manage my money. Budgeting for travel, and saving for things I truly want!
  5. Grow and have a direction with my blog.
  6. Start to create a space to live that I truly love! Decorating has become a new passion of mine and you will start to see a lot more of it on the blog!
  7. Read more for pleasure and keep up with the news!


  1. Great resolutions! Can't wait to see some of your new decorating tips!

  2. I love your Live Glamorously resolution! I need to incorporate that one into mine!

  3. those look like great resolutions! good luck with them :)

  4. Love all your resolutions! And, reading one of your later posts, I like your ideas for your blog in 2010! Have a fabulous NEW YEAR...make it glam girl!