Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Yoga Yoga Yoga

So I have been practicing yoga again since being home for the holidays. Call it the beachy in Preppy Beach Chic, but I love it. I started yoga three years ago to help in rehabilitation of my shoulder tear. My ortho did not want to operate on my shoulder so I could resume playinf softball as soon as possible so I under went an extreme rehab process, that I guess you could say is a bit more holistic than usual.
I have gotten back into the flow of yoga and am regaining my flexibility rather fast. Today I want to share my top reasons why every woman should try yoga!
  1. Yoga Booty- Yoga tones all your muscles, especially the booty! The "yoga butt" is firm and round and totally hot!
  2. Super cute outfits- Lululemon, Nike, you name it. Dressing for yoga means wearing tight, comfortable, and of course totally fashionable outfits. Yes, you pick an outfit to go workout!
  3. Pink Yoga Mats!
  4. An increase in flexibility is never a bad thing... ;)
  5. Calmness- We are all busy, whether it be school, your business, being a mom, or a combination of them. We are all busy and all stressed. Yoga is an hour of calmness in the storm... you deserve it!
  6. You can find a free starter class almost anywhere!
  7. You will burn calories and build and tone muscle.
  8. You know the important things like, it helps arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome, anxiety, high blood pressure... basically it can help anything wrong with you!
  9. It is no judgment... you can do poses for the utmost beginner or you can balance on one arm while holding your body in the air... you make it your practice, to benefit you!
  10. Savasana- This is the corpse pose and is the last pose in most yoga flows. Basically you lay on your back for ten minutes breathing, and totally relaxing, and you can call it exercise. This is one of the you have to do it to know what I am talking about things. Really it is total body and mind relaxation... its heaven!
Well thats all so as we aproach the New Year cosider adding Yoga into your life. It really is amazing!

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  1. I actually got kicked out of yoga class with my mother...the instructor said I was too flexible and was obviously advanced and that I was showing off. It was actually my first class I just used to go gymnastics and ballet growing up!