Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas List: Candles

I love candles.
I burn one every day and this can be a some what expensive but totally necessary habit. So for Christmas I asked for good fragrant candles. Well, Santa, aka mommy, wanted to make sure I like them so here are my candles for this year!
  1. Lilly Pulitzer Candle in Beachy- We found this at Nordstroms Rack! I absolutely love the perfume so the candle will be a winner... and it is Lilly- 'nuff said!
  2. Trapp Votives in No. 12 Guava Mango- ( On Left) These votives burn for 15-20 hours! They are super fragrant and under $5 I will probably pick up 2 more before I head home!
  3. Voluspa Rose Candle and Bowl- Burns for 60 hours!!! I got this one (on right) but in No. 4 Floraison , its green!
  4. Beaches Scented Candle from Two's Company- Found at a local botique! Super cute metal tin and smells like my life preppy, beachy, and pretty! Burns for 8 hours and at $4.5o this is a great stocking stuffer for moi!

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  1. I am addicted to candles, I want them ALL!!!!