Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Veiws on my love life!

Well, my last post had me thinking. I want to share my personal views on my love life with all my readers out there. I don't judge others for making different choices as me, but this is what I have chosen. Here it goes...

I was raised by a feminist mother. Not a bra burning, man hating feminist, but an educated woman who believed that women should be given all the same opportunities as a man. I was always taken to women dentist, doctors, and my mother introduced me to other women who stepped outside the traditional fields of work that were "woman appropriate." I was raised to be strong, and that nothing would ever be shut off to me because of my gender, and I thank my mother for teaching me this. As I entered my college, where the term "ring by spring" was practically born, I had the dream of meeting my Baylor boy. I quickly figured out that this was not what I wanted. I want my twenties to be about adventure. I want to live in big cities, and follow my own dreams. My dreams have always been about myself and my personal growth. My mother also taught me that a man should not be your supply of money, or happiness. As a strong woman I should make my own happiness, and my own money. With that said, I do want to have a boyfriend, and to get engaged and married. I strongly believe that God as already chosen my husband and will present him to me when we are both ready in our lives. I have always felt that for me, that time would be after I am graduated, have a job, and have really lived by myself for a time, actually God has put the age of 24-26 in my head. My two roomates have already found the loves of their lives, and yes it is hard seeing them sometimes, but I simply remember that for me my dreams have always involved me. My main dream/goal in life is not to get a ring, or have a huge wedding. Granted, when I do find him a huge wedding will be the only thing acceptable. I guess the main thing my mother taught me was that a man should not bring you happiness, but add on to the happiness you have already created in your life, thats when you have bliss! As a Chritian, I do pray for my future husband, mainly that we both stay on the path that God has written for us for when we should meet, and I ask God for the confidence to live life as a single girl, in my not single world. God has awnsered my prayers. I am truly blessed to have great dates to all my formals, guys that I have not seriously dated, and well losing 20 pounds has definetly improved my conifidence. There is no hole that I need a man to fill in my life. Throughout my college experience I have realized who I am, and not to be concided but I love myself. I do not fit a mold, I am an enviromental hippie who has medals in rifelery, I am preppy girl who could live in a shack on the beach, I am a girly-girl who can ruff it. I am unique and I need a unique guy that only God can pick out, so I wait. When I get down I always remember "for I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you, and not to harm you" I remember this and know that God will provide me with the perfect guy at the perfect time, and that is so reassuring!


  1. You have a very healthy view of your "love-life". I so agree with your Christian views and your mother's view that a man cannot bring you happiness! xoox

  2. I am praying for Tim Tebow. LOL Mom

  3. First, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. Secondly, you are very wise in what you want in life and you will be rewarded justly, when the time is right. I, too, believe that a woman has to be able to stand on her own two feet in order to find a man to stand beside her. I wish you all the best!!