Thursday, December 10, 2009

Today was a great day!
I had an interview for a job day today and I got it. This job is so amazing.
I am the Promo Media Assistant for the Entrepreneurship Program and Alumni at Baylor.
We have the top program in the country and I get to work on my own projects for marketing and advertising. This job allows me to work with film, PR, and marketing... everything I am interested in! I also get to work with all kinds of programs including Photoshop, Flash, Indesign, and Final Cut.

Also- I found the best deal in the world today.
I went to my favorite consignment shop today and found these babies.

Gucci Brown Mules in my size...
With the box that said $340
For... $33!!!
Deal of the YEAR!


  1. congrats on the job! it sounds awesome & i'm sure you will make it a huge success :)

  2. Love the shoes. Way to shop. Maybe I should go into business of finding jobs for everyone. Mom