Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Desk Helpers

I call them my desk helpers.
I have no idea where this name came from but this is where they sit, in the corner of my desk. I thought since I was in finals, and I look to my helpers often I would tell you about them.
First, my Nambe heart bowl. My mom gave this to me this year, as my first grown up crystal. Both my roomates are getting these for Christmas as well. Second, is my cross. Matthew 19:26 is inscribed on it "With God all thing are possible." My mom gave me this in my first care package when I was a freshman and thought I was never going to get a grip on college. I look at it and it reminds me there are way bigger things in the world than grades. Third, is my clay pig. My mom sent me this in my first finals survival kit, my freshman year. In the mexican culture these pigs bring good luck. So seeing as how my parents nearly live in Mexico, she thought it would be fitting for finals. So my little piggie is my good luck charm. Finally, I have my note stack. I will probably never write a not on any of these pages. They are just to cute, once again they are from my mom. Isn't she awesome!

So here during finals my desk helpers are what I look to for support, and they will go with me to any desk I ever have!

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