Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What I Want: Sony E-Reader

Seeing as how I am anxiously awaiting my transformation into bring girl life (aka graduating) I have been looking into several things I want need. It is rare at my university to not know the next ten years of your life planned out before you start you first class, your freshman year. I am now a junior and I have no clue what city I will end up in (Dallas, NYC, L.A), or what I will be doing. So what do I do... I prepare for all the above. And I will be in dire need of a Sony E-Reader in any of these locals. Here are my reasons justifications for buying one.
  1. My carreer field is all about technology, so this is like not I don't just read books, I read them off an e-reader.
  2. Seeing as how I am not engaged, dating, or have a husband lined up (note: I am so happy that I don't have a hubby to be yet) I will be living by myself in an apartment when I graduate and who needs a huge bookcase full of books when I can have a decorative piece of furniture. This thing holds a lot.
  3. It comes in this pink-magenta color... Nuh said
  4. During my trip to Argentina and working away from home this summer I can take Harry Potter, Twilight, and Mary Kay Andrews with me for the space of a Southern Living!
Ok haha real reasons I am saving for this e-reader:
  1. Accepts more platforms than Kindle or Nook, it allows for Google Books and the Sony Book Store
  2. You can get books from the public libraries digital media. This means free books over the internet 24/7. Waco has 2 digital media libraries, so when I move to a big city I will be set!
  3. Longer battery life. 1 charge=2 weeks of reading!

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