Sunday, December 13, 2009

College Aged Gift Guide

Ok- So many times as college kids we actually really need some stuff that parents and friends don't think about so here is a helpful last minute list for all the college aged kids in your life...
  1. Mani/Pedi Giftcards- Many times college girls let manis/pedis go by the way side, but we need them more than anyone. Find a spa or local nail place in the students college town, this is a pretty inexpensive gift that really comes in handy. Especially when you need a day to unwind from a stressful test, students can go get their nails done.
  2. Stationary- That super adorable stationary you got us for graduation is probably on its last sheets. Stationary is always a cute way to show someone you care! Try Whitney English for cute, personalized cards!
  3. Socks- Nice dress socks are always needed and as it gets colder, students need them even more. Let me tell you the sock monster that eats one sock is even more prevelent in college it seems. These are super cheat and can make a great stocking stuffer.
  4. Nice Jeans- So it is college and the nice high school jeans may not fit anymore. True we have several pair that do, but the wear to class jeans are so different from the going out jean. A nice dark wash trouser jean should be in every college girls closet!
  5. Adult-ish Items- College students are growing up and we love a gift that shows that you see us growing up too. For a buisness student, maybe a nice leather portfolio. Personally I loved my Nambe Heart Bowl that was my first piece of crystal. For a guy, maybe an engraved pencil holder cup.
  6. Hey Big Spender- Ok Mommy and Daddy- College is the perfect time to start a good, distinguished jewlery collection. Sure we have the Tiffany heart necklace and bracelet, but we are moving into the professional world and want to show we are in fact professional. Try a nice watch (I like Skagen) or diamond earrings. My parents got my diamond earrings and a diamond bracelet last Christmas, and I nearly hit the floor out of excitment!
  7. Multi Colored Sharpis- We love them, we use them, we lose them! Please replace lol!

And just so you know...
What we do NOT need: More college t-shirts, more Sorority crap