Monday, December 14, 2009

2010 Organization Mission!

So some of you may know I used to be super organized and clean. My bed was made every morning, and every test, sorority event, or outing was written in my planner. Well, I do not know what happened but somewhere since the summer my organization has fallen apart. So... with the new year right around the corner and plenty of time that I should be studying to clean, I have decided to get myself in order before 2010! And as of today it is ALL complete! Here is everything I completed in order:
- A full cleaning out of my closet, replacing all my hangers with velvet ones, and all my clothes color coordinated
- Rolling my many tshirts in my drawer to save room
- Organizing and purging my desk of old papers, all went to recycling!
- Cleaning out and detailing my car (HUGE PROJECT!)
- And today organizing my make-up...
So my make-up has been the hardest thing for me to organize. I have so much of it, even after cleaning it out. Literally, I have cried on the phone with my mom because of the stress of getting my make-up in order, no organizer seemed to work. Today mommy and I went to The Container Store and made my own organizer...This is the stores large Hobby Box. I added the brush and pencil organizer to the bottom and a medicine holder to stack MAC eyeshadows!

All closed up and all organized by the items and brushes I use!
So much nicer!

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  1. Good luck! I need to be more organized in 2010. It drives my husband CRAZY!