Monday, November 30, 2009

Teavana for Christmas

Well, I am not sure if it was my trip to the Ritz as a young child, my southern roots, or my English heritage but... I absolutley love tea!
Every year for Christmas my parents get me something that isn't to expensive, but kind of not your normal Christmas present.
This year I asked for a hot tea maker.

While perusing Northpark in Dallas on Black Friday my family and I found Teavana!We went inside, sampled their tea, and asked about brewers.
We decided on the Perfect Tea Maker!
This brewer makes 16oz of loose leaf tea. All you do is add tea and hot water, let it brew, sit it on top of your cup, and it strains itself! The brewer cost $17.99 and the Teavana website has free shipping for Christmas! While in the store we picked up some Earl Grey tea!
Now- this present had to be tested asap. My tea turned out so flavorful and the store gives you brewing instructions to make sure each type of tea come out perfect. This would be a great gift for any tea lover, and is currently in my apartment when all the rest of my present went home with mom and dad to be wrapped...
They knew this one had to come home with me!

In Medi Weight Loss News I lost 2.7 pounds over Thanksgiving bringing me to a total of 14.7 pounds gone!!!