Tuesday, November 24, 2009


In an attempt to break bloggers block and am going back to the source of my blog... my name, so for my next three blogs I will be writing on Preppy, Beach, and Chic!

I would consider myself a true prep. I attended preparatory school, I wore plaid on a daily bases, and now I am at a private university. This pick is from my second grade class. Now I do not believe that going to a prep school makes or does not make a prep, simply it gives you an advantage. My definition of a prep is someone with excellent manners, is a giving person, and one that loves to keep every aspect of life classy. True every prep has her fashion and as you know this prep loves LILLY PULITZER, Polo Ralph Lauren, headbands with bows, and of course my pearls.

My fashion icon is so easy: BLAIR WALDORF
She embodies a well put together, always stylish lady. While her antics may be somewhat over the top, her clothes are amazing! She has the most gorgeous boyfriend Chuck, who always is dressed stylish himself! Now if they could only put Blair in some Lilly!

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