Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Camera Help

So I know that you fabulous blogger girls have some pretty fabulous cameras and take some amazing pictures. In the upcoming year I will be traveling to Argentina for 6 week followed by hopefully a semester in New York... Keep NYC in your prayers for me!

I want to document this exciting time in my life with excellent photos. I have done my homework and think that I want an SLR-Like camera. If you don't know SLR-like are explained best as this:
The "SLR-like" or "advanced" digicams offer a non-optical electronic through-the-lens (TTL) view through the focusing lens, via the eye-level electronic viewfinder (EVF) as well as the rear LCD. The difference in views compared to a DSLR is that the EVF shows a digitally-created TTL image, whereas the viewfinder in a DSLR shows an actual optical TTL image via the reflex viewing system

I am also considering the traditional point and shoot but I want a good picture quality point and shoot.

Here is one I am considering:

Fujifilm FinePix S1500 offers you SLR-quality performance, and point and shoot convenience, all in one camera.With the built-in 33-396mm super-telephoto lens, you'll have all the power you need to capture everything from rolling landscapes to insects strolling among the dewdrops on a leaf. Your images will be crisp and bright, even when you crop and enlarge, thanks to the S1500’s 10.0MP sensor.

I know so many of you love photography so help a girl out if you know any great cameras please share. I am not ready to commit to a SLR yet, but definitely want a quality camera that will take gorgeous pictures I will love!

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  1. i would honestly go with a cannon. i have the Cannon Digital SLR Rebel. and i really don't leave home without it. it is kinda pricey. but it's something i will have forever! my mom is a pro wedding photographer and this out of all of her camera's is her favorite. I would 100% recommend it over all others! hope this helps!