Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Love of Nightgowns

I love nightgowns.
They are pretty soft, sexy, and a touch classier than your average college girls boxers and t-shirt.
W and I are all about nightgowns and robes. Of course I have my pink Lilly terry cloth robe, hers is a black dressing gown.
True to form my style inspiration, Blair Waldorf, would never be caught dead sleeping in something other than a nightgown....This is what she wore Christmas morning... so cute!

How to Dress Like Blair Waldorf says:
Even when Blair is sleeping, she still looks completely chic! A Waldorf doesn’t wear regular flannel pajamas to bed – she sleeps in a designer negligee. And hanging around the house doesn’t mean wearing sweats! Blair has been known to wear a satin dressing gown instead.
Try one like this...


  1. Blair is so glam! Love it xoxo


  2. Ahhhhhhh, Blair. To be that glamorous. Sigh. Post baby laugh doesn't allow me to ditch the sweats. Ah ha

  3. Blair is always so chic and perfect! Love her..great post!

  4. First time at your blog and wanted to say hi- it is lovely! I love nightgowns as well! Blair is so glamorous- oh to be a Waldorf! XOXO