Friday, August 14, 2009

Live from the only wifi in Kerville

Today was a great day!
It was my day off so from 12pm-1am I have been free from camp.
So whats a girl to do on her day off?
Drive an hour to La Cantera Shopping Center!!I spent a wonderful day at Niemans, Nordstroms, Godiva, and Lilly of course!
So funny story... the girls in my cabin's counselor last year works at this Lilly and is a Lilly lover like me so they told me to say hi. I did! Her name is Dana she is so cute and to top it off she is a Theta!! She wrote the girls a note and sent them with the paper puffs to decorate the cabin with!
Their is lots of Lilly Love at Camp Mystic!
I also enjoyed a chocolate strawberry from Godiva which was delicious and ran into a sorority sister while at Nordstroms buying Kiehls tinted moisturizer.
It was so good to see a familiar face. I got 2 cute Lilly tops and some stationary from there.
Man oh man how I love shopping...

Hopefully will post again soon. Monday for sure!
Love you all!