Saturday, April 4, 2009

Yesterday Was AMAZING!!!

Yesterday (Friday) was the greatest day!
It all started with lunch with C, out for sushi.
Then we went to Sigma Chi Derby Days. We met up with our other Theta lovelies and spent the afternoon playing flag football, and tug of war.
Then C an I decided to throw an Mexican Fiesta that night!
C made enchiladas and I made beans, guacamole, and tres leches cake.
E (C's roomate) made rice and queso. It was so much fun to have all my girls and a few boys over for dinner and margaritas.This was our serving area!

Then we went to a Sigma Chi party and had so much fun for the night.
I came home at 1am and cleaned EVERYTHING.

Crazy put it was the best day ever!

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