Friday, September 2, 2011

Things Southern Girls Like: College Football

So one thing I have noticed while living in L.A. is a shock people by my knowledge of football. Not only do I know the NFL, but more importantly to me, I know NCAA.

My co-workers are astonished when I talk about the CBS (College Bowl Series) and my thoughts on the recent Big 12 controversies.

Well with that said, today is GAME DAY!

And my Baylor Bears are taking on TCU. I seriously hope that RG3 will continue to be the savior of the Baylor Nation as we Rise Up.

Wishing all my southern friends out there a happy football season and remember to accesorise well!


  1. I honestly didn't really care about football until I moved to Louisiana. Yes I was curious as to who won every year between USC and UCLA, but that was about it.

    And I just wanted to say I couldn't help but think about you when Baylor pulled out their win last night. You must have been so excited

  2. holler for football being back! They dont' know what they're missing out there by not knowing about football!!!