Thursday, September 8, 2011

101 in 1001 #11- Read all of the Southern Vampire Mystery Novels


So I am a huge fan of the show True Blood... I mean come on, great writing, suspense, love, gore, hotties... what is not to like.

So I decided to embark on the Southern Vampire Mystery series that inspired the show... all 11 of them (with two more to come!)

The first one I listened to as an audio book on my way to move to California and have subsequently read the rest of them... and lets just say I am hooked.

These stories combine love, mystery, and are fun, easy reads that are page turners.

If you follow me on Twitter (malloryann11) you porbably saw my updates thanks to Good Reads!

Seriously, you should take a bite out of True Blood, whether the books or show or both, one sip and your hooked just like "V"

True Blood airs Sunday Nights on HBO but is ending THIS Sunday... so be cool, get the HBO GO app and catch yourself up! I am not paid by HBO Go I just think it is awesome and so will you!

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