Sunday, December 19, 2010

Why I Love Christmas Break...

Every college kid relishes the time when they get to come home after a long two weeks of finals to their parents house. Each has their own reasons but here are mine!

You actually have time to read for fun! I am reading over this break The Help and One Fifth Avenue. PS- If you are from the South you have to read this book, no joke I will find you if you don't! JK!! But really read it...

My Bed- I love my bed at home it is sooo comfy!

Having premium cable and HBO on Demand

Going lunching with my mommy, we do it every week day I am home.

Having a home that is all decorated for the holidays!

Yummy treats and restaurants that I don't have to pay for!

Walking my puppy everyday and snuggling with my kitty at night

Well hanging with the parental units aint so bad either hehe...

PS- I am hoping to do a post on my house's decorations... my mom is a very good decorator! As well as outfit ideas for NYC, and many more!


  1. I was so use to my own apartment back then, so going home was hard adjusting to other peoples schedule. Now I have my own house, and I love going home to Mommy - ha!