Monday, December 6, 2010

Reverb 10

I am participating in Reverb 10. Basically it is a blog challenge to reflect on the year. I am a few prompts behind and will catch up on a few in this post! Join me in reflecting on 2010 to prepare for 2011!

Dec 6- Make: The last thing I made was a Christmas CD featuring myself and friends singing our favorite christmas tunes. It was for my audio class but I will cherish it forever!

Dec 5- Let Go: This year I let go of expectations... I guess for me this mainly dealt with dating, I decided that for now just being me, single, no boys, is all I need and that is how it has been. I have also let go of a lot of weight hehe

Dec 1- One Word: The one word that sums up my 2010 is growth. I studied abroad in Argentina and learned about myself, a new language, and the culture of South America. I also went to camp where my relationship with God grew immensely. My relationship with W had grown and my relationship with M has changed. I am moving to NY and have my internships. I have grown a lot in 2010 and plan on more in 2011!

Join me for this challenge in the above link!

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