Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Shopping

Well Labor Day weekend started off with a bang or shall I say a win! Baylor beat Sam Houston! Not a shocker but a wins a win.
Saturday W and I journeyed south to the infamous San Marcos outlets where I scored big!
My first major purchase was my adorable Kate Spade Bedford Street Noel bag. It is lightweight and will be perfect for fall and with the discounts I got this baby for it will make an amazing fall bag. I also scooped up a beautiful brown and navy blue dress from BCBG that will be so stylish for fall and I cannot wait to wear it in NYC. Then we hit Tory Burch... I mean I had to support a sister (Tory is a theta!) These shoes were just too cute to pass up. I had the magical big foot size for the only pair they had left.
W and I finished up the day with dinner in historic Gruene Texas at The Gristmill. It was a wonderful day well worth the drive.

And what has Labor Day had in store for me... well my film major geek must come out for a Star Wars marathon. Love it! But I did take a break to go accesory shopping with W at Forever 21 for jewlery and belts to match our new outfits. I am so ready for this short 3 day week for me! Love you all and happy holidays!

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