Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's Game Day!

It is finally here! The first game of the season. Baylor vs Sam Houston State. Our quarter back is healthy and my family is here ready to cheer on those good ole Baylor Bears.

Tailgating is a game in it's self at Baylor. There are the alumnae tailgates, the greek tailgates, and the Baylor organizations ones.
My family usually goes to the Baylor Alumni Association Tailgate first. It is always yummy and since my grandmother and mother and Baylor alum we get invited. Then we usually walk around and eventually my family takes their seats and I meet up with girlfriends to go to the greek tailgates.

My family are season ticket holders so I am fortunate to have two people at every game!
At games I usually wear one of my game day tops and a skirt or shorts!
It get ridiculously hot in the stadium and the student section gets the sun so sun glasses are a must!


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  1. That's so cool that both your mom and grandmother went to Baylor! PS You've been tagged!