Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Starting off on the right foot!

So I am moving and a grooving on my New Years Resolutions this year. Speaking of which here is a picture from New Years Eve with some of my old high school friends. Of course I am the blonde in purple. We had so much fun together that night!
But as my resolutions go I decided to take one of them... inspire creativity and make my resolutions in a non traditional way. It is all a mirror image but I made them into a flower with each resolution as a petal. The final list was: Love others, Live Your Dreams, Desire More, Keep It Creative, Style it Up, Live Glamorously, Love the Lord Your God, Nurture Your Mind, Be Bold, and Respect Your Health. Each petal has smaller things around it as more specific examples. So what have I done so far: I have exercised and eaten on my plan, written all my syllabi into my Lilly planner, read a chapter in a non school book every night, found a yoga class in Waco, and bought a journal to encourage my daily writing.

In other worlds my first day of classes and work went great, and I will be selecting the winner of my giveaway very soon!!
Oh and it is official PBC has 3 solos in Sing!

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