Thursday, January 21, 2010

Say A Little Prayer for Me!

My Baylor in New York application has been submitted. If chosen I will spend a semester in NYC, interning and taking classes at NYU. I will get to live in the old St. George Hotel that has been turned into NYU dorms. I am hoping to intern with a network or a public relations firm. Aside from interning and class, I will get to live and play in NYC for a whole semester. This is a once and a lifetime opportunity that I hope I get! So think of me and my dreams of "The City!"


  1. omg good luck!! how exciting!! i just discovered your blog and it's so cute!! two of my roommates and favorite people in college were thetas, and i'm a kkg :) i can't wait to keep following your blog - it's very fun!!

  2. Oh, I DO hope this happens for you. Every girl should live in New York at least for a little while:)