Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hair Rant!!! Please Help!

So I am one of the models in the Panhellenic Style Show that is tomorrow (Monday) and part of this was going and getting our hair done and made over at a Salon.
I went in a week early for my consultation where this exact picture was chosen for my hair...They told me at the end I would turn out an ash blonde warmed up for autumn. Normally I love this kinda stuff but I normally go to people who know what there doing.

They first broke my base one shade lighter than my natural.
Followed by a shampoo and dryer time.
Then they put me in a highlight cap and pulled my hair through.
Then they BLEACHED my hair, I have been Gwen Stefani white blonde and never bleached my hair. I even told them this, that my hair lifts easily without bleach.
So I was white blonde and happy.
Then another guy comes in and put in a few lowlights according to the Matrix instructions that matched the picture.
Then he decides I need to put a shadow on the lower half of my head so he throws brown on there. Hello you just bleached my hair and you throw brown on it. WTF! Then he also decides the girl doing my hair needed to throw this other color aka the same one as the lowlights over the top of my head. I was supposed to process for 20 min and after 25 min I checked with my girl to see if I was ready.
Well I came out brunette on bottom with a copper orange on top.
And to top it off I was given a horibly choppy layering job and a F'd up side bang.
After all of this she sent me out of the salon unstyled after I had been there for 4 1/2 hours.

I am beyond pissed. I made it to my car before I started balling and called my mom. I don't even know how to salvage this. They bleached my hair to white blonde and I came out darker than I went in. This is super damaging to my hair and now I don't know if it is even safe for me to go blonde or do I just need to go even darker to take out the orange?

Oh and the salon will be fixing all of this for me and I have already started the prenatal vitamins...
Any suggestions?

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  1. OMG! I would be so ticked off! I'm sorry that happened!