Monday, September 28, 2009

This weekend was both good and bad...
Friday: W and I went for a D.D.D as we call them, a Dallas Day Date! We shopped at North Park dined at Mi Cocina and returned home. I of course went to the mother ship, Lilly Pulitzer where I scored an awesome Bremuda Bag sort of but not exactly like this one... I also picked up some William and Sononama Pumpkin Quick Bread and Pumpkin Butter... Yum

Saturday: Game Day v. NWL Demons
We won 68-13 which you would this is a great thing for our team, but they are called the demons for a reason. This high school equivalent team took out or starting QB, Robert Griffin the III, and gave him a season ending torn ACL. If you don't know about Baylor football this was a year to even try to make a bowl and it is all gone from this stupid game where we killed a crappy team. Please also note that our kicker is done for the season as well due to his knee, and our back up QB, Symanski, broke his hand during the game and is on a day to day basis as the athletic trainers put it....
Pardon my french but shit.
We wish RG3 a speedy recovery, he is a good kid who is probably feeling the weight of the world on his sholders right now.

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  1. I totally feel your pain! I wore black tonight to our friends' football watch party, because I'm in mourning! We'll make it through though! Thanks for posting on my blog!
    -Being Mrs. Cullins