Tuesday, September 1, 2009

OMG! I got it all done... somehow

Somehow I got everything done these last 2 days!
Here is all I did:

My bestest sorority sister C (who is an interior design student) came over and out of boredom we redid my entire room leaving it a mess but looking great.

So... the whole room needed to be cleaned and it now is!
Don't you just love interior design best friends who love to help

All my laundry is done and for me this is huge!

I had a presentation due in Media and Society. I want to do a piece on being a conscientious media consumer soon.

100 Flashcards for Spanish.

And the coolest thing ever: My BaylorVision meeting. I work for the Baylor sports production team which is so exciting and something I am considering long term!

Well it is all over and I am off to dinner with KKG a new addition to this blog, we have become fast friends! KKG of course stands for Kappa Kappa Gamma (which she is) but for me it is the Koolest Kappa Gal!

Love you all!!!


  1. I love the way room looks. I'd love to sleep somewhere like that

  2. Love the pink and green combo. I think I am going to get some big letters to put on my wall. love how the M looks on yours

  3. You room is precious...I'm so jealous! I answered your party question on my blog post...just below your question. I though other readers might want to see the answer. Please e-mail me if you want me to get more specific, 'cuz I'd need more info. Happy to help:) Miss Janice {at} Miss Janice {dot} com.