Monday, September 14, 2009

I officially have no life...

Man, junior year is a toughy. I am only in my fourth week and already have done more homework than I did all last semester (my grades are higher this semester so far though)
Currently I am taking a study break from my Spanish test I have in an hour... it shouldn't be bad but then all test scare me.
So we are now on Day 4 of the endless rain... But things are cooling off here in central Texas!
In other news:
The TIVO has been set and my girls and I are ready for our alter egos to come back on TV.
Chair forvever!


  1. Junior year is definitely the hardest, hang in there! Senior year last semester feels so good, then comes the real world yuck! At least we have guilty pleasures like Gossip Girl to get us through, yay!

  2. We are in day "since forever" of rain here in South Florida and the temps are not cooling down...95 today! Hellooooo, I cannot start wearing tights and cardigans on the first day of autumn if this hotness doesn't go away!