Monday, September 21, 2009

Best Weekend Wrap Up Ever

So this basically was one of the best weekends ever:
Friday- My parent came in town for Parents Weekend and we went to our lunch tradition Ninfa's Mexican Food as soon as they got there. Then we went ring shopping for my college ring... more on that later! We chilled for awhile then the girls and I all got ready for Britney Spears!!! We sat in the owners suite and had VIP passes... Love my life!
We went to dinner at Bubba's in Highland Park and I got to see Maddie one of my campers I love so much! The concert was amazing and so entertaining!
Here is a pic of the roomies and I in the box... the lazers kinda mess it up but oh well!
Then we went home to Waco and met up with all of our alumni friends who came in town including an old fling of mine... hehe! Lets just say flames may be igniting once again.

Game Day! Baylor vs. U.Conn and our overly confident Bears thought they one the game before they stepped on the field. Silly Bears, Jesus teaches us humility in all things, even football. Of course, W and I looked super cute in our game day outfits!
W and I and our alumni mothers and should be considered alumni fathers all went to a steak house for dinner to catch up and have fun!
I love my W!
Then we went to Katie's Custard which is delicious and came home and chatted when it was time for my parents to leave.
Later that night I had to go save my favorite frat boys from the cops when they needed a sober driver!
So PBC to the rescue as always... gotta love my boys!

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