Sunday, August 2, 2009

Back to School Pt 1

So I am so sorry my blogging hasn't been everyday this summer! School starts in 3 weeks and thats when it will get back to normal. This is my last week working with my autism kids then off to Camp Mystic! So here it is.... My Back to School Series!

My Official Back to School List!:
Here is what I need to do before school! You can see if you want to, too.
  1. Hair! New trim and color touch ups or get a whole new look if you feel like a fresh start!
  2. Nails- no need to explain
  3. Tan, could be outside, booth, or bottle. You just get a healthy glow!
  4. Teeth Whitening- Pearly whites for the first day!
  5. Plan an outfit. I will be wearing my Pink recruitment shirt with a Lilly skirt and boat shoes.
  6. The essentials... books, notebooks, the real stuff you need.
  7. A Clean House, it is so easy to know that when school starts at least your house is in order.
  8. An Agenda, no good student should be able to function without this. My new one will be Lilly.
  9. A Party, I will be throwing a cute back to school Margarita Monday! But you should also know what you are doing that first weekend!
  10. Most important a GOOD ATTITUDE! Be excited for the new year!
So you have it my Top 10 Back to School Essentials!
Look for more Back to School posts this week!


  1. Margarita Monday sounds like a fabulous idea! I'm now thinking for planning something similar! I just need to figure out my outfit for the first day, but it's definitly going to include something Lilly!

  2. How fun! I love that you make a list of things you are going to do! Those are all must do's in my book too!! Margarita Monday's sounds so much fun! It sounds like something I would love to do with my friends! Thanks for the great idea!